How have hypersonic weapons changed the pattern of modern military action?

Once again this week, hypersonic weapons represented a non-negligible part of global defense technological news. In Russia, the engineers announced that they had successfully fired the first missile ...

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US Air Force removes gravity nuclear bombs from B-52H arsenal

The ability to use the B61 gravitational nuclear bomb was one of the main arguments that led Belgium to choose the Lockheed F35 to replace its…

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The nuclear weapon becomes a priority again, and it is worrying

With the end of the cold war, the role of deterrence, and its nuclear weapons, has slowly faded, as has the risk of major conflict between technologically advanced states. Indeed, among the nuclear powers, Russia seemed entangled in an insoluble economic crisis that was rolling over its Defense tool, and China seemed to be more concerned with its economic growth than with its military might.

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Is the survivability of Typhoon nuclear mission the right question?

As Belgian and German decisions on the replacement of their F-16 and Tornado come closer, many articles and debates appear on a question that seems crucial. Can an 4eme generation aircraft fulfill the nuclear mission in a highly contested environment?

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Dassault Aviation and Airbus DS Join Forces to Support European Defense Aeronautics Industry

Dassault Aviation, through its CEO Eric Trappier, and Airbus Defense & Space, by its CEO Dirk Hoke, presented a united front to announce their collaboration on the future ...

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