Vladimir Putin traces the trajectory for the modernization of the Russian Navy in the years to come

On the occasion of the 14th La Défense meeting, taking place in Sochi, the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Poutine, defined the main axes for the modernization of…

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The Russian Navy will receive 8 new submarines by the end of 2020

There are announcements that alone say a lot about the deep movements shaping international geopolitics. And the one made with pride by the TASS Agency, ...

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Russia orders 4 additional nuclear submarines

The Russian authorities have just formalized the order for two nuclear submarines launching Borei-A missiles from project 995A, as well as two guided missile submarines Yassen from project 855M. This order…

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Cancellation of SNLE Boreï-B class in favor of additional Boreï-A

The class of nuclear submarine-thrower Boreï represents an important symbol for Russian shipbuilding, and for the Russian arms industry as a whole. Indeed, it is the first representative of the Russian strategic doctrine post-Soviet

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Husky submarines, Zircon missiles and Poseidon drone, the future of the Russian submarine fleet

While today, most of the submarine 65 used by the Russian Navy are inherited from the Soviet era, such as the Akula SNAs, the Oscar SSGNs, the Delta SNLEs and the SSK Kilo, new sub classes. -marines began to be delivered, such as SNLE Boreï, SNA Iassen, or SSK Lada.

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