The two new frigates José Rizal Philippines will be equipped with SIMBAD-RC MBDA

Good news for the European missile MBDA! The Philippine Navy has selected the SIMBAD-RC system to provide close protection for its two new Jose Rizal frigates. The…

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The pace of construction of Chinese ships remains very strong

Since March 2018, the Chinese authorities have banned local manufacturers to communicate on the work related to his navy. In fact, the information that had been just in tune with regard to the launching and entry into service of the APL's ships, has become much rarer.

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Naval Group teams up with SNC in Romania to bid on 4 Corvettes

Naval Group has announced the signing of an alliance with Romanian shipyards SNC, for the construction of corvettes Gowind2500. As part of the modernization of its armed forces, Romania launched in March 2018 a consultation for the construction of 4 multifunctional corvettes, to be built in Romania

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