Blekinge, Barracuda, Taigei: how do modern conventional submarines perform? - 2nd part

According to the staff of the American Navy, submarines represent today the best response to the rise of certain naval powers, citing China in particular. It is…

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Naval Group's Scorpene selected for the final of the P75i Indian program

The Indian Ministry of Defense has published the list of 5 international companies and 2 local shipyards that will participate in the final of the P75i program covering…

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VMF: abandonment of anaerobic propulsion for project 677 submarines?

The Russian Military Maritime Fleet (Voïenno-Morskoy Flot (VMF) should receive by 2027 two units ordered in 2019 from the 677 Lada project, conventional fourth-generation submarines. They do not…

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The Russian Baltic Fleet could also receive 636.3 Improved Kilo submarines

Unlike the United States, Great Britain or France, the Russian Navy has never abandoned the use of diesel-electric submarines in favor of an entire nuclear fleet. She now has 17 ...

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Russian shipyards will begin construction of 22 new ships in 2020

According to an article published by Tass Agency, Russian shipyards will begin construction of 22 ships in 2020, a first in Russian history. Beyond…

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Russia offers over-the-counter contract with India for the construction of 6 attack submarines

The Russian authorities proposed to India to jointly build 6 attack submarines for the Indian Navy in a sandstone contract, not going through the competition ...

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The Russian Navy will receive 8 new submarines by the end of 2020

There are announcements that alone say a lot about the deep movements shaping international geopolitics. And the one made with pride by the TASS Agency, ...

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