Are F35, Su57 and J20 really a generation ahead of the Rafale and the Typhoon?

Very often, when it comes to comparing devices like the F35, Su-57 and J-20 to European devices like the Rafale, the Typhoon or even the JAS39 Gripen,…

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Turkish ambitions unveiled with the TF-X model

It was announced, Turkish Aerospace Industries was to unveil a scale model of its 5eme generation TF-X fighter program at the Paris Air Show. If it does not reveal ...

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The US Air Force denies an interest in anything other than the F-35

While the two major US manufacturers, Boeing and Lockheed had both released on a new aircraft to reinforce the F-22 and F-35 deficiencies, the US Air Force, through the voice of its Secretary of State, Heather Wilson, denied being interested in any of the two devices on offer.

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A first vision of the Korean hunter project KF-X

Like Japan, and Turkey, South Korea has launched its own combat aircraft program on the spectrum of the 4 / 5eme generation. Intended to come into service around 2030, the Korean KF-X project is based on a low radar image cell, but does not have an internal weapon bay, which positions it more in the 4,5 generation than in the 5eme generation.

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FC-31 GyrFalcon to equip Chinese aircraft carriers

The information had already circulated for a few months, now it is, it seems, confirmed. The stealth aircraft FC-31 has been chosen by the Chinese air carrier as a stealth fighter. Lighter than the J-20, the FC-31 has a take-off weight of 25 tons, like the French Rafale. Its pace is reminiscent of the F-35, but its dual-engine configuration appears to be an important benefit for an onboard fighter.

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US Senate blocks delivery of F-35 to Turkey

It is official, the US Senate has blocked the deliveries of F-35 fighters to Turkey, yet a historic partner of the program, at least until mid-July. US Senators say Turkey's acquisition of S-400 is likely to increase tensions with other members of the Atlantic Alliance

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