Russia simultaneously starts construction of 2 frigates, 2 nuclear submarines and 2 assault helicopter carriers

We know that Russian Defense is skilled when it comes to communication, and that it is not stingy with symbols. In this regard, this July 16, 2020 will be marked by ...

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With Laika class, Russia wants a non-nuclear deterrent submarine

In an interview published by the Russian armed forces newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda (red star), Admiral Nikolai Yevmenov gives an update on the developments of the new class of submarines…

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The Russian Navy wants more class 22350 frigates Admiral Gorshkov

Since the entry into service of the first frigate of Project 22350, the frigate Admiral Gorshkov, announcements follow one another to increase the number. Initially planned for only 4 units,…

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Russia strengthens its naval system in the eastern Mediterranean facing Syria

Yesterday, an air raid, officially attributed to the Damascus regime, killed at least 33 Turkish soldiers, resulting in a rapid response from Ankara, as well as the meeting in…

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This time, the nuclear arms race is back on track

For several months, and even years, the majority of observers of world defense questions have been wondering whether or not we have entered a new race for…

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Future integration of the 3M22 Tsirkon hypersonic missile into the Gremyashchiy corvette

According to the statements of 31 October 2019 of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the corvette Gremyashchiy (20385 project), then off Kaliningrad and aboard ...

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Frigates Admiral Gorshkov mark the revival of the naval industry and the Russian Navy

After a construction that will have taken almost 10 years, frigate Admiral Kasanotov, the first unit of series of the project 22350 class Admiral Gorshkov, has begun its tests ...

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The first Russian Gremyashchiy corvette is a concentrate of firepower

Traditionally, the Russian naval industry has been able to produce small units, whether corvettes or armed patrols, of very good quality, and remarkably well armed. The new stealth corvette ...

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