In Southeast Asia, the number of submarines has increased by 300% in 20 years

With the rise of the Chinese fleet, which aims to equal the US Navy by 2050, and the policy of accomplished facts sometimes implemented by Beijing, the tensions ...

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The renewal of the mining war group is absent from the modernization plan of the Romanian Naval Forces (2017 - 2026)

The Romanian Naval Forces (FNR or Forțele Navale Române (FNR) benefit from a modernization plan (2017 - 2026) made up of three main acts which are the acquisition of corvettes, submarines ...

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Russia confirms its hypersonic mastery by launching the "mini-Zirkon"

In an article published in the daily "Izvestia", the Russian authorities confirmed the development of a "mini" version of the hypersonic anti-ship missile, intended to equip ships with small…

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What is happening in the Sea of ​​Azov?

The information went relatively unnoticed: the Russian fleet to redeploy 6 missile corvettes from the Caspian Sea Fleet to the Black Sea Fleet, significantly enhancing the present fire capability, including the ability to launch Kalibr missiles.

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