Polish President's visit to Washington: how far will the Trump administration play the card of European disunity?

Four days before the first Polish presidential election and on the eve of an official visit by the current head of state Andrzej Duda to Washington, the Polish press reports that ...

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Airborne laser weapon: the US Special Operations Command aims for a demonstrator by 2022

After years of postponement and initially expected for the 2019 fiscal year, the prospect of integrating a laser weapon system into the vast array of armaments of the AC-130J Ghostrider gunship seems to be…

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"British GPS" will probably never see the light of day

In 2018, with the announcement of the UK's ousting of the Galileo program because of Brexit, the strong reactions emanating from the political class and the British government had completed…

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The European Defense Agency is sounding the alarm: investments in military research have stalled

Despite an overall increase in total defense spending in Europe since 2014, the European Defense Agency (AED) highlights in its latest report a decrease considered to be "worrying" in equipment purchases…

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The Eurofighter gets a makeover: Airbus DS in operation charm in the Rhine

On the occasion of its Trade Media Briefing 2019 in Manching (Germany) held earlier this week, Airbus DS has gathered the specialized press for a complete review of ...

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So far discreet actor in terms of stealth, Airbus comes out of the wood

This is really the big surprise of this beginning of the week. By unveiling the Low Observable UAV Testbed (LOUT), a stealthy aircraft demonstrator, classified and initiated a decade earlier, Airbus is releasing ...

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