USCYBERCOM: in the right place, at the right time

Some would be tempted to write that cyberspace is a (not so) new dimension of conflictuality, transversal to the air, to the sea and the earth and intrinsically endowed with ...

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Brussels and artificial intelligence: towards a European legal framework?

While the news is full of cases of use of data from facial recognition by artificial intelligence - especially in Asia - the European Union is considering the adoption of specific legislation aimed at ...

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CSS, NSA and Cyber ​​Command: Structural changes in the cyber process across the Atlantic

NSA to Establish New Cybersecurity Directorate The National Security Agency has announced its intention to create a common cybersecurity branch of 2019 as part of the ...

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US Army launches site to improve cyber capabilities

With the tender published last July, the US Army triggers the development of new technologies in cyber defense and security of the conduct of operations in the United States.

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