CERBAIR unveils its new anti-drone fight system at Eurosatory

CERBAIR, the French reference in the fight against drones for the detection, characterization and neutralization of unauthorized drones, is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation: the CHIMERA 200, which will reshuffle the cards in the fight against drones during this 2024 edition of Eurosatory! 

This article is brought to you by CERBAIR, the European specialist in anti-drone solutions

Since its creation in 2015, CERBAIR has established itself as a key player in the development of cutting-edge radio frequency technologies for securing airspace against the threat of drones. 

Discover Cerbair’s CHIMERA 200, the ultimate anti-drone solution

Our new CHIMERA 200 system represents the excellence of our expertise in combating the drone threat. This scalable solution results from the combination of our detection and radio frequency jamming technologies. 

Cerbairt Chimera 2000

Its development stems from a simple observation: today, for each operational need, we have a specifically adapted anti-drone system. However, when these needs overlap, several different systems are required, placing an additional burden on users in terms of hardware, training, implementation, etc.

We have therefore created a single system capable of carrying out all missions, whether it is securing fixed sites, convoys and vehicles, or ensuring the protection of deployed personnel.

Designed for the self-protection of mobile units, vehicles and convoys, it offers continuity between on-board and dismounted operations, it has wide spectral coverage ranging from 400 MHz to 6 GHz in a directional or omnidirectional manner. This compact, portable and autonomous system can be integrated into all types of vehicles and also allows off-board use. 

Drone detection and jamming in one portable device

The cutting-edge technology it carries provides precise and reliable drone detection. This offers intelligent jamming capabilities, a wide spectrum of detection and jamming as well as dynamically generated digital waveforms allowing this new product to effectively neutralize the drone threat and thus protect vectors and ground troops.

Chimera 2000 Cerbair
CERBAIR unveils its new anti-drone response system at Eurosatory 3

« CERBAIR is proud to present this innovation which will naturally become essential for generalized electronic warfare. Beyond the processing of drones and swarms of drones, it will be able to detect and jam a wide range of radio frequency emissions, but also to imagine new modes of use such as decoying enemy sensors and saturation of its C2 chain.» declared Lucas le Bell, President of the company.

« This launch demonstrates our continued commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions to counter emerging threats in the drone space, providing our customers with industry-leading aviation security. ", he added. 

Go on our booth D57 located on the GICAT Member Village, in Hall 5A, during from Eurosatory to discover this new system exclusively and meet our experts to discuss our anti-drone solutions. 


Created in 2015, CERBAIR is the French reference in the fight against drones for the detection, characterization and neutralization of unauthorized drones. Drawing on its expertise in radio frequency signal processing, CERBAIR ensures the design, deployment and maintenance of systems offering airspace protection for critical infrastructures, military bases, warships and national events, against the evolution of the drone threat. Specializing in radio frequency technology applied to anti-drone warfare, CERBAIR has quickly become the benchmark in protocol recognition associated with a range of passive detection systems and intelligent jamming systems.

CERBAIR has established itself as a reference within complete air defense systems by gaining the trust of institutional players in France and abroad. MBDA, European leader in missile design, is notably a historic shareholder of 

Note: Demonstrations and presentation sessions are available on request after Eurosatory. Contact us to schedule a meeting.

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