The Chinese Navy is progressing 7 times faster than the US Navy, and this worries American admirals

For almost ten years, Western specialists in the Chinese Navy have been warning about the immense progress made by the Chinese naval industry, both in terms of quality and quantity of ships produced.

This concern has, for several years, been regularly taken up by the American chiefs of staff, in charge of this theater, while they observe, year after year, the balance of power gradually being reversed in the largest theater. naval aviation of the planet, and that the American options to contain it, are less and less numerous. To the point that we can ask ourselves, today, if facing the United States, China has not obtained, today, a situation of strategic surprise?

15 large Chinese surface units against 2 for the US Navy in 2023

On the occasion of his hearing by the Senate, on February 1, to take the position of commander in chief of the Indo-Pacific theater, the most important American operational post, with that of SACEUR who commands NATO, theAdmiral Samuel Paparo Jr painted a more worrying picture, but not surprising, of the evolution of the balance of power against the Navy of the People's Liberation Army.

Type 055 Heavy Destroyer
The Chinese Navy is using 8 Type 055 heavy destroyers, while the construction of a second batch of 8 new ships has started.

To raise the problem, the current Head of the Indo-Pacific Fleet recalled that in 2023, the Chinese Navy had admitted to service fifteen large surface units, cruisers (in fact Type 055 heavy destroyers), destroyers (Type 052DL) , and frigates (Type 054A), where the US Navy admitted to service only two Arleigh Burke destroyers, the USS Lenah Sutcliffe Higbee and the A.S.S. Jack H. Lucas.

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