Long-range rocket launchers: France has all the technological bricks necessary to do so.

Questioned by the deputies of the defense committee of the National Assembly about the replacement of the Army's long-range LRU rocket launchers, the General Delegate of Armaments, Emmanuel Chiva, suggested that the hypothesis of the development of a national system, was under study, to determine its feasibility and relevance.

It is true that the Army does not plan, within the framework of the Military Programming Law 2024-2030, to acquire at best onlya dozen of these valuable, but expensive, long-range artillery systems, capable of striking in the depths of the opposing device, and that it only plans to have 26 in the long term, in the best case, the questions of development costs are decisive.

Advantages and constraints of the development of a French long-range rocket launcher system

Certainly, having a national weapon system, as important as long-range rocket launchers, which also use ballistic missiles, has many interests, in particular with regard to freedom maneuver and decision of political power and armies.

Turning towards the American Himars, K239 South Korean Chunmoo ou the Israeli PULS, as other European countries do, the Army would certainly make substantial savings, by avoiding having to finance the development of a weapon system known to be complex.

PULS elbit long-range rocket launcher
The Israeli PULS has already been selected by the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany, and could be chosen by Spain soon.

The question is all the more pressing as many armies, European and beyond, have already turned to these systems, which limits, in fact, the opportunities for export, or even technological partnership, from Paris, for a very long-range artillery system of French construction.

On the other hand, it would partially cede its decision-making autonomy to one of these countries, whether to deploy its systems, to implement them, as well as to acquire new munitions, or even new systems.

Propulsion, guidance and calculator: French manufacturers have all the technological building blocks required

But, in this area, it turns out that the French defense industry already has the technological building blocks necessary to be able to develop, independently, such a system, which could significantly reduce both costs and development times.

A long-range rocket launcher system is, in fact, made up of three major technological building blocks. First of all, it is necessary to design and manufacture a rocket, or even a ballistic missile, and more particularly its propulsion system.

MBDA Aster 30
The French BITD has a high level of expertise in the field of missile and rocket propulsion. Here, the Aster 30 medium-range surface-to-air missile capable of intercepting aerial targets more than 100 km away.

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