New North Korean nuclear submarine: another fake, but this one can hurt a lot!

Pyongyang announced the launch of a new North Korean nuclear submarine, supporting photos. Like the M2020 tank, de its nuclear torpedo called Tsunami, or military observation satellite, this submarine is no more nuclear than it is new. Its weaponry, however, is another story…

On September 7, the North Korean authorities, through the state news agency KNCA, announced the launch of a new submersible presented as a “ tactical nuclear attack submarine ».

If, as is often the case, Pyongyang has largely overused and exaggerated, in its presentation, the capabilities of the new ship, it nonetheless remains true that it represents a very real new threat, with which South Korea South and Japan, as well as the American forces stationed there, will have to deal.

Discover the North Korean nuclear submarine Hero Kim Gun-ok...

« Hero Kim Gun-ok ". This is how the new North Korean submarine was named, the launch of which was announced on September 7 by the KNCA news agency. The launch, whose protocol and certain procedures were directly inspired by those used in the West to launch sensitive submarines such as the SSN and SSBN, gave rise to a public distribution of numerous photos, something rare enough to understand the scope of the event.

Indeed, the Hero Kim Gun-ok is not a simple submarine. According to Pyongyang, it would be a “ tactical nuclear attack submarine ", as it was referenced by North Korean nomenclature. The photos released show that indeed, the ship has a dorsal outgrowth at the rear of the kiosk, sheltering ten vertical missile launch silo doors.

As is now the norm, the North Korean presentation is designed to mislead the observer. Indeed, the Hero Kim Gun-ok is in no way a nuclear submarine, like those in service in China, the United States, France, the United Kingdom and Russia. The ship relies on conventional diesel-electric propulsion, not a nuclear reactor.

Whiskey class North Korea | Nuclear weapons | Military naval constructions
Like the Romeos, the Soviet Whiskey-class submarines were derived from the four Type XXIs seized at the end of World War II.

In fact, it will not have the diving autonomy of nuclear submarines, which is potentially unlimited, even if, in fact, this is limited by access to food and the psychological health of the submarine. crew, 2 to 3 months. Nor will it have comparable performances, the SSN and SSBN being able to maintain a very high speed throughout the duration of the dive, not being restricted by the battery charge.

Which is actually derived from the Romeo class of the 50s

The Hero Kim Gun-ok is a model derived from the Soviet Project 633 submarine family, designated by NATO as the Romeo class. Entering service from 1957, these ocean-going diesel-electric submarines aimed to replace the Zulu designed at the end of the Second World War, based on the 4 German Type XXIs seized by Soviet forces.

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