Sweden wants to build the CV90 infantry fighting vehicle in Ukraine

Of all the tracked armored vehicles sent by the West to Ukraine, the Swedish BAE Systems Hägglunds CV90 infantry fighting vehicle is probably the one that most impressed the Ukrainian military with its performance and combat qualities.

Well protected, powered by a powerful V8 turbo diesel engine, and armed with a 40 mm autocannon, it proved to be both mobile, robust and lethal in the hands of the Ukrainian soldiers who implemented it within the 33ᵉ and 47ᵉ brigades, clearly outclassing the Russian models which are opposed to it.

Swedish support for Kyiv

In addition, like Denmark or the Netherlands, Sweden is one of the Western European countries with most actively remembered the Ukrainian defense effort since the start of the conflict, relative to its own GDP.


Thus, to date, the Scandinavian Kingdom has transmitted to the Ukrainian armies around ten Strv 122 heavy tanks (Leopard 2A5), 8 155 mm artillery systems on Archer wheels, and more than fifty CV9040C infantry fighting vehicles, as well as a large number of munitions, light or specialized vehicles, ground-air or anti-tank.

CV90 infantry fighting vehicle has shown itself to be very effective in Ukraine
The CV90 infantry fighting vehicle has shown itself to be very effective in Ukraine

Remember that by way of comparison, the Swedish GDP of €650 billion is equivalent to a quarter of the French GDP or a sixth of that of Germany, for a population of only 10,5 million inhabitants. This says a lot about Stockholm's involvement with Kyiv.

Things could still change. Already, a few days ago, information leaked concerning the possible acquisition of JAS 39 Gripen fighters by the Ukrainian Air Force.


Produce CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicle in Ukraine

Yesterday, it was the turn of the Swedish Prime Minister, Ulf Kristersson, to open a door, evoking "the intensification of cooperation between the two countries around the platform", referring to the CV90. This statement followed another, this time, by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, on August 20, about the possible construction of CV90s directly on Ukrainian soil.

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    Just a clarification on the Ukrainian equipment report: all the returns show the inversion of the curves 6 months ago. And Russia has bc bc too many losses to hope to come back ahead with its production.

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