The Army will create new reserve regiments such as the 24th Infantry Regiment

The Army will create new regiments composed exclusively of reservists, like the 24ᵉ RI, as part of the massive increase in the operational reserve of the Military Programming Law 2024-2030.

In the absence of a new White Paper, and after a Strategic Review in some aspects sloppy, the new Military Programming Law 2024-2030 which will frame the trajectory of the French armies for the next 7 years, could appear dull and without ambition. .

It has to be said that things have changed considerably during the parliamentary process, both because of the deputies and senators, and because of a remarkably proactive ministry in taking up issues and providing clarifications.

Thus, beyond the budgetary aspects which still have to be the subject of a final negotiation at the beginning of next week during the joint committee between the Senate and the National Assembly, many of the most strategic objectives for the future of the armies and the defense industry have been clearly outlined.

This is particularly the case in the field of drones and the fight against drones, the full sustainability of the new generation aircraft carrier, or even with regard to the very ambitious program Rafale F5 and its combat drone derived from the Neuron program, to name only the most publicized.

The trajectory in terms of human resources for the years to come was, for its part, traced in broad outline from the first version of the bill. Thus, the workforce of the armed forces will change only slightly in the years to come, except in certain areas such as intelligence or cyber.

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Never in recent history has the parliamentary process been so significant in the amendment and adoption of a Military Programming Law in France

To deal with the rise in tensions and the risk of conflict, the Ministry of the Armed Forces will in fact concentrate its efforts between now and 2030 around two objectives. On the one hand, it will be a question of consolidating the professional staff of the armies, in particular to face the many difficulties which all the Western armies encounter in the field of human resources, so as to avoid the deflation of the staff.

At the same time, the rise in power will be ensured by the recruitment of more than 40.000 additional operational reservists, i.e. the doubling of the operational reserve as today, through a vast campaign already started to bring the French to s invest in Defense and National Security, whether through the Operational Reserve or the Citizen Reserve, depending on the profiles.

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