Rheinmetall vs General Dynamic: the replacement of the American M2 Bradleys will be in known territory

The replacement of the M2 Bradleys of the US Army will oppose the KF-41 Lynx of Rheinmetall

In January 2020, the US Army canceled its Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle program to enable the replacement of its approximately 5000 M2 infantry fighting vehicles and M3 armed reconnaissance vehicles from the Bradley family.

Indeed, due to a very tight test schedule and administrative difficulties, the prototype of the German Rheinmetall's KF21 Lynx presented by Rheinmetall USA, Textron, L3 Harris and Raytheon (recently renamed RTX) could not be delivered in time for trials in the United States against the Griffin III of General Dynamic Land System and General Motors Defense.

For lack of real competition, the US Army then took the decision to cancel it to relaunch it on new bases a few months later. Indeed, beyond an overly tight schedule, it appeared that the specifications produced at the time were far too restrictive, restricting in many aspects the work and the possibilities available to manufacturers to design an efficient and innovative armored vehicle.

A year later, in April 2021, the OMFV program was back on track, with specifications redesigned and readjusted to geostrategic changes, to produce an armor that will no longer be air-transportable by C17 aircraft this time, but will be much better protected and armed, with a gun of up to 50 mm, and revised operational requirements for a two-person crew thanks to the integration of new digital technologies, and the ability to carry six equipped soldiers.

The replacement of the M2 Bradleys of the US Army is now urgent
The US Army will have to replace more than 5000 Bradleys in the years to come, a program that will reach $45 billion.

Be that as it may, after a study period of just over two years, the US Army has made public the list of the two finalists selected as part of the OMFV program renamed XM30 for the occasion. , and which will have to produce 2025 test prototypes by 7 to be delivered in 2025 to participate in the evaluation and field testing phase.

Without great surprise, it is true, these are again the consortia gathering around the KF41 Lynx Rheinmetall USA, RTX, L3 and Textron on the one hand, and that bringing together GDLS and GM Defense, which were selected to the detriment of the three other competitors that were BAe (designer of the Bradley), Oshkosh Defense associated for the occasion with the South Korean Hanwha with the AS21 Redback and the Israeli Rafael, as well as the Point Blank offer associated with Renk america.

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