Romania will spend 10 billion euros to modernize its armies

With a defense budget of €7,8 billion per year, or 2% of the country's GDP, Romania is one of NATO's good students, even if this effort is handicapped by a GDP of less than $300 billion and one of the lowest per capita GDPs in the European Union. The increase in the defense effort, which began in 2013 after Vladimir's return to the Kremlin and the significant hardening of the Russian posture in Eastern Europe, made it possible to increase the defense effort by 1,2% of GDP to 2% today, and to aim for 2,5% in the years to come,…

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Can the French Army turn to the German Rheinmetall KF-51 Panther tank?

That's it .. they cracked up… It's probably in these terms that the vast majority of readers, at least the most measured among them, approached this new article with its slightly provocative title. Indeed, the new KF-51 Panther tank presented by its designer, the German Rheinmetall, during the Eurosatory 2022 exhibition, is today the main tool in the hands of its CEO, Armin Papperger, to try to derail the program Franco-German MGCS which aims to design, precisely, the replacement of the French tank Leclerc as of the German Leopard 2. Developed in equity, the Panther is offered by Rheinmetall to anyone showing an interest…

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The HIMARS mobile artillery system will carry 1000 km in the coming years

Along with the CAESAR, the TB2 and the Javelin, the HIMARS mobile artillery system was one of the great operational revelations of the first year of the war in Ukraine. Armed with 6 M30 or M31 rockets with a range of 15 to 90 km, this system mounted on a 6×6 truck is both very mobile thanks to its 290 hp for a mass of only 16 tonnes, and very effective against the enemy's rear lines, thanks to its great precision and the destructive power of the warhead of the rockets. The HIMARS can also implement the Ground Launch Small Diameter Bomb ammunition,…

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Can Gamers and Artificial Intelligence Improve the Effectiveness of Military Simulations?

Wargame-type military simulations have always been a valuable tool for staffs, but since the return of international tensions, their importance has increased considerably due to geopolitical developments in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. While it was accepted in the 1990s that no military power could hope to oppose the West militarily, the rise in power of the Chinese, Russian, Iranian and even North Korean armed forces forced the staffs to rely on increasingly numerous and precise simulations to plan their own increase in power and organize their forces and resources. NATO frequently organizes simulation sessions…

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