Italy is giving itself the means but is struggling to find the military for its new defense ambitions

The increase in appropriations devoted to defense had been one of Giorgia Meloni's campaign commitments, with the stated ambition of bringing the Italian defense effort to 2% by the end of the decade, against 1,51 .2023% in XNUMX. And in fact, speaking to the Senate earlier this week, the now Prime Minister of the country confirmed that she intended to strictly apply her campaign commitments in this area, and this in a perfectly open manner. and assumed. She was referring here to the increase in the budget of the armies granted by the previous coalition which was done in the most discreet way possible, so as to...

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After Russia, North Korea is surfing on the fantasy of the nuclear torpedo capable of creating a Tsunami

On March 1, 2018, during a televised address as part of the presidential election campaign, President Vladimir Putin publicly announced the upcoming arrival, within the Russian armed forces, of 6 new weapons that will bring the world, and Westerners in particular, to “listen to Russia again,” in his words. Beyond the hypersonic weapons Kinzhal and Avangard as well as the new ICBM Sarmat, all now well known, the Russian president presented a "nuclear-powered" cruise missile, the 9M730 Burevestnik, an anti-aircraft and laser space defense system designated Peresvet , as well as a weapon that, since its presentation, arouses many…

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