HEMISPACE: Detect to counter threats

Press release of March 21, 2023

LERITY, designer and manufacturer, recognized specialist in the field of innovative high-tech vision systems, is launching HEMISPACE in 2023. It is an innovative hemispherical optronic imaging system, dedicated to the detection, tracking and localization of drones at 360°.

HEMISPACE offers an effective global surveillance solution, responding to the new security threats posed by drones, whether isolated or in swarms. Composed of 12 very high resolution cameras, HEMISPACE detects, tracks and locates up to 10 targets, allowing real-time treatment of 120 potential threats – including 30 × 30 cm micro-drones.

To increase the coverage of the detection area (up to 6 KM for 30 × 30 cm drones), several HEMISPACE systems can be coupled to each other in a private and secure IP network or by wireless communication. This mesh can also be linked to other sensors or equipment to form a global anti-drone system.

Night and day, in a difficult environment, HEMISPACE adapts to the various surveillance constraints while preserving the stealth of the system with its on-board light sources, triggered the moment the threat is identified.

Easy to transport and deploy, HEMISPACE can be activated continuously, 24/24. It responds to the use cases of protection and surveillance of military sites but also of civil infrastructures such as airports, industrial installations, nuclear parks, sports complexes, etc.

To know more : https://www.lerity-alcen.com/products/system/hemispace 

Link to HEMISPACE video https://youtu.be/aVQXbUZXTPo

Contact : press@lerity-alcen.com

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