The hypothesis of the KF-51 Panther tanks built in Ukraine puzzles specialists

At the beginning of March, the fiery president of the German industrial giant Rheinmetall caused a surprise by announcing that negotiations were underway with Kyiv, with a view to building a factory in Ukraine capable of assembling 400 KF-51 Panther tanks per year, so as to give the Ukrainian armies not only a major technological and operational advantage against the Russian forces, but also to standardize and rationalize the armored fleet of the Ukrainian armed forces which, today, has little to envy to the course of Miracles so many references and micro-fleets are there. In addition, Kyiv would have the possibility of acquiring a fleet of…

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US Air Force Begins Development of Space Component Long-Range Kill-Chain

The war in Ukraine has produced many new lessons, in particular on the potential duration of a very high intensity engagement, or on the role of artillery and heavy armor in the land maneuver. In other areas, it has above all confirmed developments anticipated by military planners, such as the vulnerability of combat helicopters and close air support aircraft to modern anti-aircraft defences, while the US Army has precisely launched the FLRAA and FARA programs of new generation helicopters and that the US Air Force has towed for almost a decade with Congress to withdraw from service its A-10 Thunderbolts...

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