After support aircraft, American fighters will also have to evolve profoundly in the years to come.

As is the case every year at the same time, the specialized US defense press has not lacked a subject to cover in recent days. Indeed, it is in March that the parliamentary hearings begin with a view to preparing the next armed forces budget, in this case the 2024 budget which will come into effect in the fall of 2023. Due to the political organization of the financing of the defense effort on the other side of the Atlantic, Congress having the last word on the subject well beyond the overall envelope requested by the executive, the debates preparing this budget are generally very precise and technical. However, they are also an opportunity for…

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After Italy, will Germany also acquire super-destroyers?

The Navy had been, during the Cold War, the poor relation of the armed forces of the Federal Republic of Germany. For Bonn, the aim was both to limit its own power projection capabilities inherent in the high seas fleets, in compliance with its constitution, and to respond to a specific NATO need, namely to control the Baltic Sea, that only the FRG and Denmark had, at that time, coasts on this sea. In fact, the Bundesmarine then favored relatively compact ships adapted to the specific needs of the Baltic and the North Sea, the example…

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