The US Air Force is reducing its next tanker order to prepare for the arrival of next-generation Tankers

A few days ago, the US Air Force announced the first order paving the way for a future order for 26 E-7A Wedgetail early warning aircraft to partially replace its 34 E-3 Sentry which entered service between the end of of the 70s and the mid-80s, and which are beginning to noticeably mark the weight of the years. If this order will indeed make it possible to renew a critical capability for American air power, it is also significant that the US Air Force has favored, with this decision, a relatively economical solution based on an aircraft initially designed for export by Boeing. Obviously,…

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Can the future standard Rafale F5 evolve into a Super Rafale?

A few days ago, the first Rafale to the F4.1 standard was delivered to the Military Air Expertise Center, or CEAM, at Air Base 118 in Mont-de-Marsan. This new standard will equip the Rafale with new expected capabilities, such as the helmet sight, new air-to-air and air-to-ground modes of its engagement system, extended data fusion and a completely modernized SPECTRA self-protection system. . In addition, the device will be able to implement new ammunition such as the short and medium range air-to-air missile MICA NG which promises to be the best in its category as was the MICA at the beginning of the…

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