DARPA's Longshot airborne combat drone will fly in 2024

The arrival of cooperative combat drones designed to support and extend the capabilities of combat aircraft will constitute, in the years to come, an evolution of air warfare as radical as that which followed the arrival of the turbojet engine or the air-air missile. . Whether heavy drones like the Russian Okhotnik-B drone, consumable drones like the Valkyrie from Kratos, or airborne drones like the MBDA and Airbus Remote Carriers developed under the European SCAF and FCAS programs, these equipment will not only bring new capabilities, but also profoundly change the conduct of combat air operations. At this…

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The Chinese defense budget will have increased by 30% between 2019 and 2023

On the occasion of the opening of the annual session of the Chinese National People's Congress (NPC), the budget report published establishes an annual budget of 1,5537 trillion yuan, or 210 billion euros, an increase of 7,2 % vis-à-vis the 2022 budget of 1,450 trillion yuan, and while this same report anticipates a growth of 5% for the Chinese economy for 2023. According to the numerous declarations of Chinese officials around this increase, this- This would remain reasonable given the $830 billion budget of the United States, and while all the states in Europe and Asia are significantly increasing their own investments. However, and even if it remains perfectly true that...

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Japan and South Korea plot rapprochement amid rising regional tensions

To deal with the rise in power of the Chinese but also North Korean and Russian armies in the Western Pacific theater, Washington can rely on 3 powerful allies, militarily efficient and modern: Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. . Unfortunately for the United States, and contrary to the situation in Europe where yesterday's adversaries were able to put an end to their past tensions to face the Soviet Union from the end of the 40s, the risks in the Pacific theater were, if not less, in any case more localized, on the whole Cold War. In fact, far from being forced to…

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