China's fleet conducted its first long-range amphibious exercise

If the rapid reinforcement of the Chinese fleet is now known to all, the very important efforts made by the People's Liberation Army to train its crews and perfect their mastery of modern naval combat, are much less so. However, whether surface, naval air, amphibious, logistics and submarine units, all take part in numerous exercises according to increasingly advanced scenarios, and often calling on the firing of ammunition, precisely to increase the seasoning of sailors and their officers. Thus, it is now common for large naval units, destroyers, frigates, aircraft carriers or assault ships, to participate each year in several...

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Do Awacs Advanced Air Warning aircraft still have a place in modern air warfare?

Since the Second World War, Western armies have drawn much of their firepower from their air forces. However, from the mid-50s, it was not so much the relative quality of their fighters and bombers against Soviet aircraft, as the strength of the support fleet, which carried Western air superiority. Thus, in 1957, the KC-135 Stratotanker refueling aircraft entered service which, based on a Boeing 707 cell, made it possible to refuel in flight first the strategic bombers of the US Air Force, then the hunting fleet as the new hunters were equipped with…

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