The future Italian destroyer DDX will have unparalleled firepower in Europe

In July 2019, the Italian Navy General Staff presented a plan of great ambitionn, to make it the most powerful naval force in the Mediterranean by 2035. Beyond the Trieste aircraft carrier of 38.000 tons intended to implement F-35B fighters and the Cavour of 30.000 tons also dedicated to this function, the plan provided for it to align three large carrier assault ships by this date. 20.000 ton helicopters which will replace the 3 San Giorgio class LHDs, 10 Bergamini class FREMM frigates, 7 PPA medium frigates of the Thaon di Revel class, 8 corvettes of 3000 tons from the European Patron Corvette program, 4 Offshore Patron Vessel of 1500 tons of the Comandanti class, 10 mine warfare ships, as well as 3 large logistics ships of the Vulcano and Etna class. In addition, it will have 8 to 12 Type 212 anaerobic conventionally powered submarines, and 4 destroyers, two of the 7000-ton Horizon class already in service, identical to the 2 French Forbin-class anti-aircraft defense frigates, and especially two new heavy destroyers over 10.000 tons which will replace the two Durand de la Penne anti-aircraft destroyers.

It is clear today that despite the country's political instability and the doubts that emerged when this plan was presented, Rome indeed seems determined to give it substance. In fact, with 2 aircraft carriers, 3 large assault ships, 4 destroyers, 17 frigates, 8 corvettes and at least 8 submarines, it will have a significantly larger naval force than the Royal Navy and the Marine Nationale. , which nevertheless must defend 3 maritime facades (Mediterranean, Atlantic and Channel), and an exclusive economic zone 12 times larger, not to mention the overseas territories. It is true that these navies can rely on clean technologies, such as nuclear-powered submarines or significantly more powerful aircraft carriers. However, Rome is about to restore the balance, not only in Europe, but also vis-à-vis the Russian Navy, at least in the field of large surface ships. Indeed, its two future large destroyers currently being designed promise to have firepower that is simply unmatched in Europe.

The initial concept of the Italian DDX was to implement 64 silo missiles, 16 anti-ship missiles as well as a powerful naval artillery composed of a 127mm gun and 3 76mm guns

Initially, these ships must already have been remarkably imposing and armed, with a tonnage of 10.000 tons, 8 SYLVER vertical silo systems, 1 127mm gun and 3 76mm Strales guns, as well as 16 long-range anti-ship missiles. But it seems, according to the Italian specialized press, that these characteristics already more than impressive on the European theater, have been revised upwards. Indeed, according to these sources, the two ships will reach a loaded tonnage of 13.500 tons, almost twice that of the Horizon or Type 45 destroyers, today the most powerful surface ships in Europe. Above all, the on-board artillery would have been revised downwards, with "only" a 127mm gun and a 76mm gun, to accommodate no longer 8 but 12 SYLVER 50 and 70 systems, i.e. a capacity of carrying 96 ensiled missiles, to which will be added the probable 16 long-range anti-ship missiles initially planned. In other words, these ships will have the firepower of 3 FREMM frigates, an Alsace with 32 Aster 30 missiles and 2 Aquitaines with 16 Aster and 16 MdCN, the Italian destroyer also having to carry SYLVER 70 for this purpose.

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