The United States could deliver M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine much faster than expected

On January 24, Washington announced the shipment of 30 to 50 M1 Abrams heavy tanks to Ukraine, largely to unblock the situation in Europe over the German Leopard 2s, Berlin refusing to commit to delivery or authorize the delivery of its tanks without the United States having previously made the same announcement. However, it was quickly announced that the 31 tanks that will be delivered to Ukraine would not be taken from US Army stocks, as is the case with the German, Portuguese, Finnish or Polish Leopard 2s, but would the object of a special manufacture, in particular to eliminate certain components considered critical if they come…

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Can France increase its defense investments beyond the limits of the LPM 2024-2030?

A few days before its official presentation, the content of the future French Military Programming Law, which will frame the investments of the State in these armies for the next 7 years, is beginning to be increasingly clear. However, beyond the some €400 billion in investments planned over the next 7 years, and the €13 billion in exceptional loans also planned over this period, and although this trajectory represents an increase of €100 billion compared to screw of the previous LPM, many voices have been raised for a few days to regret the arbitrations, and sometimes to criticize the amount judged, not without…

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