Can Europe put an end to the war in Ukraine?

Last week, an analysis published by the think tank Rand Corporation studied the risks linked to the extension in the duration of the Ukrainian conflict, as well as the solutions that could be put forward by Washington to contain them. Like most of the studies published by the Rand, this one was at the same time very relevant, documented and objective, in the diagnosis as in the recommended solutions. However, this one started from a basic postulate which requires a certain prudence as for the applicability of the results presented: indeed, this study studied the conflict in Ukraine only from the point of view of the action of Washington and its…

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After Norway, the Czech Republic could also turn to the German Leopard 2A7+

During the psychodrama about the Ukrainian tanks, several press articles thought they saw, in the position of the United States which refused to transfer its M1A2 Abrams tanks to Kyiv, a maneuver by Washington to sell the American heavy tank to Europeans as a replacement solution. Leopard 2s urgently requested by Kyiv with strong support from Warsaw. Today, it appears that this maneuver was aimed above all at bringing the Ukrainian authorities back to more just positions in order to favor a defensive posture vis-à-vis a very probable massive Russian offensive to come, but also to open a channel of communication with Moscow for an exit…

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The next generation of combat aircraft will have to rely on new support aircraft

In recent years, the race has been launched between the major aeronautical powers to develop a new generation fighter. Whether it is the NGAD of the US Air Force, the NGAD F/A-XX of the US Navy, the Franco-Spanish-German SCAF, the Italian-British-Japanese FCAS, or the still secret Chinese program , these 6th generation devices will bring new capabilities creating a clean break with previous generations, much more than those supposed to define the dubious 5th generation. Through their cooperative engagement capabilities, drone control, and performance unparalleled with current aircraft, these fighters will allow air forces to retain for decades to come...

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