Leopard 2, Mamba, Patriot, Marder… Europeans are massively increasing their military support for Ukraine

For several days now, the atmosphere of an imminent decisive battle has prevailed in European chancelleries. Indeed, after months and months of procrastinating on the offensive or defensive nature of this or that equipment, or multiple pas de trois to justify certain decisions, it seems that a majority of the major European capitals are now moving towards support massive contribution to the Ukrainian defense effort, within shorter timeframes than usual. The beginning of the year was thus marked by the French decision to deliver Bastion troop transport vehicles, and especially light tanks (or armored reconnaissance vehicles for those…

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The Chinese People's Liberation Army also develops an All-Domain doctrine

As we have written on several occasions, if Western media and political attention, including in the United States, is today focused on Russia and the conflict in Ukraine, it is indeed China that is of concern. primarily the Pentagon strategists. Indeed, apart from its nuclear capabilities, Moscow no longer has the military, economic and demographic capabilities to represent a major threat to Washington and NATO, especially since its armies have suffered heavily since the start of the conflict, with significant losses in men and materials. China, for its part, has a very dynamic economy, supported by financial reserves...

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