The head of the US Air National Guard pleads to acquire more F-15EX

Since the change of administration in Washington, the heavy fighter Boeing F-15EX is not at the party. While it was initially a question of the US Air Force ordering up to 240 copies of this air superiority fighter, certainly an evolution of the F-15 designed in the early 70s, but equipped with all the new technologies to make it a formidable perfectly modern combat aircraft, the number was first reduced to 144 copies. With the appointment of Franck Kendall Jr to the Air Force Secretariat, a fervent defender of the F-35, the NGAD and absolute technological superiority, this number was reduced to only 80 copies,…

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SCAF, MGCS: Politics regains control of Franco-German defense industrial cooperation

“Many things have been said or written in recent weeks, I think that with one sentence, we will cut it short by saying that the SCAF is a priority project. […] It is awaited as much by Berlin as by Paris and this project will be done, we cannot be more direct” In a single sentence, the French Minister of the Armed Forces, Sebastien Lecornu, cut short all speculation concerning the future of the new generation combat aircraft program undertaken by Paris, Berlin and Madrid. And to add “We need to think about what will be the fighter aviation of the future, since we…

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