The Spanish Army would be interested in the Nexter CAESAR cannon

With the fighter plane Rafale, the CAESAR cannon designed and produced by Nexter, is undoubtedly today one of the French defense equipment which is enjoying the greatest success on the international scene. Indeed, the Truck Equipped with an Artillery System has already been chosen by 8 foreign armed forces, including 4 NATO members (Belgium, Denmark, Czech republic et Lithuania), and new orders should soon be confirmed from from Iraq and Colombia. CAESAR also seems to be performing very well in Ukraine, where 18 of these systems were offered by France to the Ukrainian forces to support resistance to Russian aggression. And it may well be that a new European customer emerges in the coming months, with Spain seemingly very interested in Nexter's artillery system to replace its self-propelled artillery under the Army 35 program.

According to website, a delegation from the 12th Field Artillery Group belonging to the Guadarrama Brigade, would indeed have gone to Suippes with the 40th Artillery Regiment of the Army, to carry out a technical and tactical evaluation of the CAESAR but also other systems in service within the regiment, such as the Mistral 3 system for close anti-aircraft defense, or the Murin radar. If this type of exchange is far from exceptional between allied units, it would be part, according to the Spanish site, of an approach aimed at evaluating the advisability of turning to the CAESAR to replace the M105A5s currently in service within of the Spanish land forces, but also to acquire this wheeled artillery capability which obviously offers significant operational added value, including in terms of high-intensity engagement. If it is indeed a question of replacing the Spanish M109A5, the discussions between Paris and Madrid could constitute the largest potential export contract for the CAESAR of Nexter, relating to more than a hundred copies.

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Nexter's CAESAR has been designed to be easily air-transportable on board aircraft such as the C-130 or the A400M

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