New Japanese Defense White Paper names China and Russia as major threats

“If it goes without saying, it will go even better by saying it“. This famous sentence of Talleyrand pronounced by the French diplomat at the Vienna summit in 1814, could be the punchline of the new White Paper on Defense published in the land of the rising sun. Indeed, Japan, although traditionally discreet and circumspect on the international scene, is particularly directive and clear in this document which will frame the Japanese defense effort for the decade to come, by clearly designating Russia as an "aggressive nation". on the one hand, and China and its ambitions on Taiwan as a major threat to peace…

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The Spanish Army would be interested in the Nexter CAESAR cannon

Along with the Rafale combat aircraft, the CAESAR cannon designed and produced by Nexter is undeniably today one of the most successful French defense equipment items on the international scene. Indeed, the CAmion Equipped with an Artillery System, has already been chosen by 8 foreign armed forces, including 4 NATO members (Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic and Lithuania), and new orders should soon be confirmed. from Iraq and Colombia. The CAESAR also seems to behave very well in Ukraine, where 18 of these systems have been offered by France to the Ukrainian forces to support the resistance against aggression…

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