South Korea tries to offer its Dosan Anh Changho submarine to Australia

The least that can be said is that the South Korean authorities spare no effort to promote their defense equipment throughout the world. After convincing Egypt to acquire 200 K-9 self-propelled guns, and signing a partnership with Turkey to complete the construction of the Altay battle tank, Seoul has partnered with Warsaw in what could be one of the most ambitious defense industrial cooperation efforts of the decade. In Australia, the South Korean authorities have already managed to place the K-9 self-propelled gun under the Land 8116 program, Canberra having announced in December 2021 the acquisition of…

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Poland and South Korea join forces for the long term for ambitious industrial defense cooperation

1000 heavy tanks, 672 self-propelled guns, at least 50 combat aircraft, and several hundred multiple rocket launchers… These are the extraordinary figures surrounding the defense partnership that Poland and South Korea are about to sign, to make South Korea one of the world leaders in the armored vehicle market, and Poland the European pillar of production of this type of vehicle in the years to come. Indeed, beyond the spectacular reinforcement of the capacities of the Polish armies, which will align at the end of the decade 1500 modern tanks, as many infantry combat vehicles, 1200…

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