After Brussels and Athens, Bucharest is showing France the way for European Defense cooperation

In an interview given to local media, Romanian Defense Minister Vasile Dîncu revealed that Romania and France had signed a letter of intent for the acquisition of Scorpene submarines and helicopters designed French for the armies of the country. The French authorities, as is often the case now, remained discreet on the subject, as did the manufacturers concerned, contenting themselves with confirming that advanced discussions were taking place with Bucharest within the framework of an extended military and industrial cooperation. These discussions, which take place in a long-standing political and military cooperation between the two…

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China, too, would develop a nuclear-powered torpedo

The imminent arrival of the strategic couple formed by the nuclear-powered missile submarine Belgorod, a variation of the Antey class, and the nuclear-powered strategic drone torpedo Poseidon, within the Russian Navy, has caused much ink to flow. in recent weeks in the West, even if the effective strategic contribution of this pair capable of eliminating a large coastal city with its head of 2 megatons, is more than debatable. However, the principle has apparently inspired Chinese engineers, who have just announced the design of a torpedo equipped with a miniaturized nuclear reactor. On the other hand, the operational concept targeted by the Chinese Navy differs…

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