Should we put an end to “5th generation” combat aircraft?

When Lockheed-Martin presented its F-22 Raptor for the first time, it was presented as a “5th generation” aircraft, to mark its disruptive character, both operationally and technologically, with previous combat aircraft. Beyond its unit price of $160 million which, on its own, was enough to justify a major disruptive aspect since twice as expensive as the F-15E or the F/A 18 E/F then the combat planes more expensive in service or in preparation across the Atlantic, the device indeed had unique capabilities, such as very advanced multi-aspect stealth, without however equaling that of the F117A…

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Poland to order 180 K2 tanks, 670 K9 guns and 48 FA-50 fighter jets from South Korea

Since the beginning of the Russian attack in Ukraine, Germany, Great Britain and France have been competing with each other in terms of declarations and projects to equip themselves with the largest European conventional armed force, the best army or the best Marine. But in fact, in February 2022, the largest conventional land force in Europe was neither French, nor British or German, but Polish. Indeed, Warsaw was then fielding 750 Leopard 2A4, PT-91 and T-72 combat tanks, as well as 1500 BWP-1 and KTO Rosomak infantry fighting vehicles, nearly 500 Krab, Dana, Godzik and Rak self-propelled guns, as well as near…

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