US Congress blocks sale of new F-16s to Turkey

10 months ago, in October 2021, the Turkish authorities announced that they had sent an export request to the Foreign Miltiry Sales for 40 new F-16 combat aircraft of the Block 70 Viper standard, as well as 80 kits allowing to upgrade 80 of its F-16 Block 52s to this standard, the most advanced currently available for the Lockheed aircraft. If the Biden administration had shown itself ready to support such a request in the hope of restoring normalized relations with Ankara, the American Congress, which has the last word on the subject, had been more than doubtful. Indeed, for the American senators and representatives,…

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British FCAS/Tempest and Japanese FX fighter jet programs may soon merge

While the SCAF new generation combat aircraft program which brings together France, Germany and Spain has been on hold for several months for lack of a balanced agreement on industrial sharing, the British and their program FCAS competitor with next-generation Tempest fighter aircraft continues to push ahead, despite threats to its funding. This risk could very soon be fully addressed. Indeed, after seducing Rome and, to a lesser extent, Stockholm to join the program and participate in its financing, London is, according to Reuters, on the verge of signing a historic agreement with Tokyo to merge…

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