Why the Russian Belgorod submarine and the 2M39 Poseidon nuclear torpedo do not change anything?

On the occasion of the campaign for the 2018 Russian presidential election, outgoing President Vladimir Putin aroused a certain astonishment in the West by publicly presenting certain "revolutionary" military programs, supposed to give a decisive advantage to the Russian armies for the decade to come. come. Among these programs, the RS-28 SARMAT ICBM missiles and the Avangard hypersonic glider are due to enter service this year, while the Kinzhal airborne hypersonic missile has already equipped some Mig-31Ks modified since 2019. The nuclear-powered cruise missile Burevestnik has more or less fallen into oblivion. As for the nuclear-powered heavy torpedo…

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Turkey launches competition for the engine of its next-generation TF-X combat aircraft

At the 2019 Paris Air Show, the model presented by Turkey of the TF-X program aimed at developing a new medium combat aircraft with characteristics close to the 5th generation, caused a sensation, especially since it then seemed much more successful than the one presented with great fanfare by France, Germany and Spain concerning the FCAS programme. However, between the consequences of the Covid crisis, and especially Western sanctions against Ankara following Turkish interventions in Syria and Libya, its provocations in the Eastern Mediterranean, and especially the acquisition of an S-400 battery from Russia, dealt a severe blow to the industrial ambitions of…

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