The US Air Force definitively abandons the innovative ideas of Will Roper for its NGAD program

During the 3 years he spent as head of acquisitions for the US Air Force from February 2018 to January 2021, Doctor Will Roper, then Under Secretary of the Air Force, developed an extremely innovative industrial doctrine and in a break with the American military aeronautical industrial tradition over the past 50 years. According to this, it was economically, technologically and from an operational point of view, largely preferable to develop combat aircraft in reduced series, specialized in certain missions, and equipped with a short lifespan of about fifteen years. based on new design and modeling technologies, rather than trying to…

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The Belgian armies are preparing to order 19 additional CAESAr NG guns

After having acted as NATO's bad student with a defense effort barely above 1,1% of GDP in 2020, and devoting less than 1% to its defense between 2013 and 2019, the Belgian authorities have Like many other European chancelleries, announced a very significant increase in this effort in the years to come. This increase will take place in two stages, the first targeting 1,54% of GDP in 2025, and the second aiming to reach the 2% required by NATO in 2035, i.e. 10 years after the deadline set by the Atlantic Alliance. Under these conditions, the Belgian armies, financially drained since...

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Greece turns to the F-35A to complement its air power

If for the majority of European countries, the greatest threat comes, to date, from Russia, Greece, for its part, must face a latent conflict with Turkey for several decades, and revived in recent years by the territorial and maritime ambitions of President RT Erdogan. And if the Europeans know they can count on the support of the United States and the US Air Force against Moscow, Athens for its part knows that the United States, but also a majority of European countries, first and foremost Germany, and with the notable exception of France, will not intervene in the event of deterioration of…

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