The US Army chooses its new “light” tank to reinforce its infantry units

After several failures linked to excessive technological and operational ambitions, the US Army had to, in 2015, urgently initiate an ambitious program for the modernization of its fleet of armored vehicles inherited from the end of the Cold War, such as the heavy tank M1 Abrams, the M2/M3 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, as well as the M113 tracked personnel carrier. After the cancellation of the Ground Combat Vehicle program in 2014, a new program was launched in 2017, called Next Generation Combat Vehicle, with the ambition of replacing the entire US Army tracked fleet. This program consists of the Armored MultiPurpose Vehicle program for…

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Finland and Sweden will be able to join NATO, but the concessions to Turkey are high

Since Turkey is the subject of numerous European sanctions following its intervention in Syria, Libya and its deployment of forces in the Eastern Mediterranean against Greece and Cyprus, President Erdogan knew that Finland's and Sweden would be, for him, a formidable means of pressure to attenuate these sanctions, and to force the hand of the two Scandinavian countries in their support for the Kurdish movements. By standing firm on his opposition to the accession of the two countries to the Atlantic Alliance, RT Erdogan has indeed achieved his ends, and if the official press releases welcome the lifting…

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