The Netherlands confirms the order of 6 additional F-35A and 4 new MQ-9 Reaper drones

Following the example of a majority of European countries and following the Russian attack against Ukraine, the Netherlands, hitherto particularly reluctant to increase its defense effort, announced a few weeks ago a rapid increase of the country's defense effort to achieve the objective of 2% of GDP in accordance with NATO requirements, for 2025. And like this same majority of European countries, Amsterdam has announced a capacity building of its armies, via new arming commands. In this case, the Dutch Ministry of Defense confirmed, a few days ago, its desire to order 6 additional F-35A combat aircraft to reach a fleet of 52 aircraft, but also 4 new MALE MQ-9 Reaper drones in addition to the 4 ordered, and a new batch of Tomahawk missiles from the United States, while showing strong interest in the HIMARS mobile rocket launcher system already ordered in Europe by Poland and Romania.

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