While the US Air Force wants to retire 33 F-22 Raptors unfit for combat, Congress wants to modernize them

It is common for the United States Congress, which, let us remember, has the last word in matters of military planning across the Atlantic, to play the role of moderator when faced with the demands of the American armies, which are often quick to make radical decisions in terms of format. Thus, in recent years, Congress has consistently rejected requests from the US Air Force to withdraw its fleet of A-10s, the latter deeming them unsuitable for modern high-intensity combat. For the American parliamentarians, on the other hand, there is no question of reducing the size of the forces without being able to put a coherent recapitalization in the face. This is how…

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TB2 Bayraktar drones now “useless” in Ukraine against Russian anti-aircraft defense

Prior to the conflict in Ukraine, several specialists questioned the effectiveness of MALE drones in a so-called high-intensity conflict, judging them too vulnerable to modern anti-aircraft defenses. However, during the first weeks of combat, the Bayraktar TB2s supplied by Turkey to Ukraine played an important role in stopping the Russian columns advancing towards Kyiv, managing to insinuate themselves into the porous anti-aircraft defenses implemented by Russian forces in an obviously poorly planned offensive, and to strike or guide artillery strikes against supply columns, armor and even several air defense systems.…

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