The Army is studying the opportunity to increase its mass by robotics through the Vulcain study

La modernization of the French Army today goes through two major programs . the SCORPION program currently underway aims to replace the light and medium component of the means at its disposal by 2035 with the delivery of 1872 6×6 VBMR Griffon armored personnel carriers, 54 Griffons equipped with the MEPAC artillery system, 300 EBRC Jaguar reconnaissance and combat vehicles and 2038 Serval 4×4 VBMRs, plus the replacement of Light Armored Vehicles from 2025 and the acquisition of 33 new CAESAR guns. the TITAN program whose studies have already begun, aims to replace heavy equipment such as the Leclerc combat tank by the MGCS program, but also the VBCI infantry combat vehicle and under armor artillery systems and multiple rocket launchers by 2040 -2045. But a study which should deliver its conclusions by the end of the year could well see the emergence of a third major program: the VULCAIN study is indeed studying the applicability of robotics to land combat, in particular to increase the mass in combat, one of the most difficult challenges for the Army in the years to come.

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