The Army is studying the opportunity to increase its mass by robotics through the Vulcain study

The modernization of the French Army today involves two major programs. The SCORPION program currently underway aims to replace the light and medium component of the means at its disposal by 2035 with the delivery of 1872 6×6 VBMR Griffon armored personnel carriers, 54 Griffons equipped with the MEPAC artillery system, 300 EBRC Jaguar reconnaissance and combat vehicles and 2038 Serval 4×4 VBMRs, plus the replacement of Light Armored Vehicles from 2025 and the acquisition of 33 new CAESAR guns. The TITAN program, whose studies have already begun, aims to replace…

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The additional $45 billion allocated by the US Congress to the Armed Forces will offset inflation and support for Ukraine

As the threat from Russia and China grew ever more pressing, the US Congress moved to increase the budget allocated to the US armed forces for fiscal year 2023 by $45 billion beyond the $803 billion requested by the White House. This increase has now been approved by the Senate and the House of Representatives, and the Pentagon will indeed have $847 billion in its 2023 budget. future challenges, could well turn out to be, in the end, only a compensation to face the very important inflation...

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The new recruitment policy of the Indian armies generates many protests

Heirs to a British tradition, the Indian armed forces are entirely professional, and Indian soldiers generally sign a very long-term contract upon enlistment, up to 17 years for the lower ranks. For the Modi government, this situation seemed problematic, since it was a question of maintaining a force of 1,4 million professional soldiers, whose payroll continues to increase while the standard of living rises in the country. Like the professional Western armed forces, New Delhi has therefore decided to implement a new recruitment policy for its armed forces, with an initial 4-year contract offered to…

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Sweden to order 24 additional Archer 155mm mobile artillery systems

On the occasion of Eurosatory 2022, the director of the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration, signed with Lena Gillström, executive director of BAE, a letter of intent relating to the acquisition, by 2025, of 24 155 mm Archer self-propelled guns to equip a third artillery battalion of the Swedish Army, which already has 48 of these systems. This contract, under discussion since 2020, is part of the renewed effort of the Swedish authorities to strengthen the defensive capabilities of the country's armed forces, but also to integrate with NATO standards, with a defense effort which will be brought from 1,3% of GDP today, to…

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