Can France lease nuclear attack submarines from Australia?

The announcement of the Australian decision to unilaterally cancel the contract for the local construction of 12 conventionally powered Attak-class submarines by Prime Minister Scott Morrison in September 2021 was, in substance as well as in form , perceived by France as a deep humiliation, provoking one of the most serious diplomatic crises in recent decades between France and the triptych gathered around the new AUKUS alliance, Australia, the United States and Great Britain. For Canberra, it was a question of turning to nuclear-powered submarines, considered more capable of meeting the future needs of…

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F Gouttefarde, JC Lagarde, JL Thériot: these outgoing deputies necessary for the National Defense and Armed Forces Commission

Within the French National Assembly, the Commission for National Defense and the Armed Forces is far from being the most popular commission among deputies. The sovereign function par excellence being a reserved domain of the Elysée, it is difficult to shine there, or to assert an alternative or simply constructive voice, in the face of the doxa imposed by the Presidency of the Republic and the Ministry of the Armed Forces. . In fact, it is rare for MPs, whether from the majority or the opposition, to play a significant role. However, during the previous magistracy, several deputies knew, by their…

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