Israeli engineers reportedly extended F-35i range to strike Iran without aerial refueling

The Israeli Air Force is said to have modified some of its F-35i Adir, the version of the Lighting II adapted to the needs of the Hebrew State, to extend their autonomy enough to be able to carry out deep strike missions in Iran if necessary. , while the IAF has been actively training for this mission for several months. The Iranian nuclear program is perceived as an existential threat by the Israeli authorities, and the IAF has been actively training for several years to be able, if necessary, to be able to strike at critical Iranian installations in order to deprive Tehran of its nuclear capabilities. In this area, the Israeli Air Force could, until now, only rely on…

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US Air Force 65th Aggressor Squadron acquires F-35s to simulate new Chinese planes

One of the two US Air Force Agressor squadrons, specializing in training combat pilots against aircraft reproducing the performance and tactics of Chinese combat aircraft, has just begun its conversion to the stealth fighter F -35A to simulate the performance of new People's Liberation Army aircraft, such as the J-20 and the future J-35. Like the US Navy, the US Air Force operates two fighter squadrons specially designed and equipped to replicate the capabilities, performance and tactics of combat aircraft of potential adversary air forces. The purpose of these squads is to enable…

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India wants to turn to France to design the future reactor of the AMCA fighter

India is said to be in negotiations with France and the engine manufacturer Safran in order to co-develop the turbojet which will equip the future next-generation combat aircraft Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) of local invoice, planned to fly at the beginning of the next decade. . If, in recent years, many national aeronautical industrial and technological bases have undertaken to design a new generation combat aircraft, such as the South Korean KF-21 Boramae, the Turkish T-FX, or the Japanese FX, very few countries have the necessary know-how to design a military turbojet engine capable of propelling these aircraft. In reality, to date, only 5 countries…

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Typhoon, FREMM, M-346: Italy would be close to signing a €12bn super-contract in Egypt

After several years of negotiations, Cairo would be close to concretizing the largest defense contract in its history, by ordering from Rome 24 Typhoon fighter planes, 4 FREMM frigates, 20 armed patrol boats, 20 M-346 training planes and a observation satellite, for an amount exceeding €12 billion. In the spring of 2020, Italy managed to take a predominant negotiating position in Egypt on the arms contract, on the ruins left by Paris after Emmanuel Macron, during an official visit to the Egyptian capital, questioning human rights issues in the country. Rome was on the…

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