Can we save the European SCAF next-generation fighter program?

Announced in 2017 by Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel, the SCAF program for Future Air Combat System aims to develop, by 2040, a new generation combat aircraft (the 6th at the last count), the Next Generation Fighter, as well as a a set of systems designed to provide the aircraft with unparalleled operational capabilities. Since its launch, the program has found itself on several occasions faced with major difficulties, whether related to political arbitration and in particular to the requirements of the German Bundestag, to the difficult industrial sharing between the 3 participating countries (Germany, France and Spain) and the conceptual and doctrinal differences between the armed forces…

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Did Sweden shoot itself in the foot regarding its NATO candidacy?

In order to protect her Minister of Justice from a vote of no confidence, Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson negotiated an agreement with Swedish MP Amineh Kakabaveh of Kurdish origin and former Peshmerga, guaranteeing her not to give in to Turkish demands regarding the Swedish membership in NATO. Since the announcement of Finnish and Swedish candidacies to join the Atlantic Alliance, Turkish President RT Erdogan has shown himself to be very hostile to this possibility, blaming the two Scandinavian countries not only for the arms embargo pronounced by Stockholm against Ankara, but also a complacent policy towards Kurdish refugees, and in particular members of the YPG and…

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China has just completed the first operational test campaign of its trimaran stealth naval drone

The Chinese authorities have announced that they have successfully conducted the first sea trial campaign for a trimaran surface naval drone demonstrator on June 7, 2022, after a 3-hour autonomous operational mission at sea, which made it possible to collect lots of data. In September 2020, a photo published on social networks caused a sensation by showing a prototype of a Chinese surface drone on the Yantze River, in a configuration in all respects comparable to that of the Sea Hunter surface drone of the US Navy. In these dimensions as in its tonnage, the Chinese ship indeed seemed directly inspired…

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Japan launches the development of its own “Loyal Wingman” drone

The Japanese authorities have announced the launch of a program aimed at designing and producing by 2026 a combat drone capable of accompanying its combat aircraft to extend their detection and ammunition carrying capabilities, in line with of the "Loyal Wingman" concept, in order to compensate for its numerical weakness against China. After the United States, Russia, Great Britain and Australia, Japan has announced that it is undertaking the design of a combat drone intended to evolve around its combat aircraft to extend their detection capabilities, while considering the possibility of being able to arm such drones in a…

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