SCAF: the towel burns between Dassault Aviation and Airbus DS

The least we can say is that optimism was not de rigueur about the SCAF next-generation combat aircraft program at the Paris Air Forum. Obviously, the two main players in the program, the French Dassault Aviation and the German Airbus Defense & Space, did not manage to agree on the distribution of roles around the Next Generation Fighter pillar, the most imposing of the program which must design the combat aircraft at the heart of the Future Air Combat System, or FCAS. And for Eric Trappier, president of Dassault Aviation, it is now necessary that the decision be taken at the level…

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Russian forces prevail in Electronic Warfare in the Donbass

If during the first two months of the war, the Russian armies seemed unable to impose themselves in the field of electronic warfare, recent reports concerning the fighting in the Donbass indicate that Moscow would have learned the lessons of these past failures and now relies on a very intense electromagnetic jamming on this theater. Dreaded before the war in Ukraine, the Russian armies' electronic warfare capabilities were surprisingly ineffective during the first weeks of the conflict, allowing Ukrainian forces to carry out coordinated actions of numerous small combat groups, supported by a large number of…

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US parliamentarians save 5 of 24 ships the US Navy wants to retire from service in 2023

Parliamentarians from the Seapower Panel of the House of Representatives of the United States Congress reached a consensus to reject the request for the withdrawal from service of 5 of the 24 ships requested by the US Navy as part of the 2023 budget, while the future of the 19 remaining ships will be discussed by the Armed Services Committee on June 22 After several years of wanderings and contradictory decisions, the US Navy decided, at the beginning of the year, to profoundly change its strategy in terms of naval programming, including in its way of negotiating with the American Congress which, in this area, has more decision-making powers than the…

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The Russian Navy embeds TOR anti-aircraft systems on its corvettes in the Black Sea

A snapshot posted on social media shows the Vasily Bykov corvette of project 22160 along the coast of Crimea sailing with a land-based Tor M2KM modular anti-aircraft system installed on its helicopter platform, probably to strengthen its anti-aircraft and anti-aircraft defense capabilities. -missile. Since the loss of the cruiser Moskva on April 14, 2022, sunk by two Ukrainian P360 Neptune anti-ship missiles, the Russian Black Sea Fleet, which until now considered itself invulnerable in these waters, has profoundly changed its doctrine, its ships no longer evolving according to pre-defined and repetitive trajectories, and above all by keeping a good distance from the coasts under Ukrainian control.…

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