Promotions, new sections: Meta-Defense is celebrating its 3rd anniversary!

Meta-Defense is 3 years old! The site now exceeds one million articles read each month, and 400.000 unique visitors, half of whom come from outside France. On this occasion, the site evolves, with the arrival of new sections

New Topics

  • La heading OSINT is fed with short but numerous articles from the daily watch. It will be accessible for 48 hours to Classic and Student subscribers, beyond that to Premium subscribers only.
  • La section Announcements/Events allows Premium/Professional subscribers to publish press releases which will be relayed on the site, the application and social networks
  • La Jobs section allows these same Premium/Professional subscribers to publish job offers and internship which will be relayed on the site, the application and the Meta-Defense social networks (publication methods presented on your My Account page for Premium subscribers)

Finally, throughout this week, limited-time promotions will be published on the Meta-Defense Application, on the site's Facebook page and LinkedIn account.


  • Until midnight June 13, -15% on Classic and Student annual subscriptions with the code B57LMAcV
  • Until midnight June 10, -15% on your annual Premium subscription with the code xCi0oq0z
  • Until midnight June 9, -15% on Monthly Premium subscriptions with the code lYOg5x1r
  • Until midnight June 8, -15% on Monthly Classic and Monthly Student subscriptions with the code cU1tk4qS

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