Swedish CV90 Mk IV infantry fighting vehicle wins Slovak competition

As far as arms contracts are concerned, the arguments used to choose material, which is more important for imports, are most often vague, not to say opaque. In this area, the competition organized by the Slovak authorities with a view to upgrading or replacing its fleet of BVP-1/2 infantry fighting vehicles inherited from the Warsaw Pact era, has been of unprecedented clarity. , offering an objective view of the options considered as well as the characteristics of the armored vehicles selected, both in the operational field and from a budgetary and industrial point of view. At the end of this particularly precise and documented process, the…

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Promotions, new sections: Meta-Defense is celebrating its 3rd anniversary!

Meta-Defense is 3 years old! The site now exceeds one million articles read each month, and 400.000 unique visitors, half of whom come from outside France. On this occasion, the site is evolving, with the arrival of new sections New Sections The OSINT section is fed with short but numerous articles from the daily watch. It will be accessible for 48 hours to Classic and Student subscribers, beyond that to Premium subscribers only. The Announcements/Events section allows Premium/Professional subscribers to publish press releases which will be relayed on the site, the application and social networks The Jobs section allows these same Premium/Professional subscribers to publish…

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Indian Navy cleared to order 8 new corvettes for 36.000 crore

The Indian Defense Acquisition Council has authorized the financing of a program of 8 new generation corvettes for the Indian Navy, for an amount of 36.000 crore or €4,5 billion. The new class of ship will be entirely designed and manufactured by the Indian naval industry, in application of the “Make in India” directive. Due to the rapid modernization of the Pakistani fleet, with the arrival of new Type 039B Hangor-class submarines, Type 054 A/P Tughril-class frigates and Turkish MILGEM Babur-class corvettes, as well as the very rapid rise in power of the Chinese Navy, New Delhi has…

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Russia deploys T-62M tanks to Ukraine

Reports had indicated the possibility for Russian forces of a deployment of T-62M tanks in Ukraine, an armored vehicle dating from the 60s. Recent photos published on social networks have confirmed the presence of these tanks in the Kherson region, in southern Ukraine. Recent photos published on social networks have confirmed the presence of T-62M tanks belonging to the Russian Army in Ukraine, more precisely in the Kherson region in the south of the country. The tanks were equipped, like what was widely observed on Russian T-72 and T-80 tanks, with a protective grid...

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Chinese player releases confidential data to 'improve' War Thunder tank simulation

A Chinese player posted on the forum of the multiplayer tank simulation game War Thunder unknown data in the West concerning the DTC10-125 125mm arrow shell used by the Chinese Type 96 and Type 99 main battle tanks, in order to improve simulation accuracy. On May 31, a Chinese player posted previously unknown data in the Western public domain on the forum of the multiplayer tank simulation game War Thunder, concerning the DTC10-125 arrow shell widely used by main battle tanks. Chinese Type 96, Type 99 and Type 99A, to shoot down enemy tanks. According to…

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