Webinar: Denial of Access in the Indo-Pacific – Thursday, June 23, 2022

From its "Pearl Necklace" strategy to the establishment of the various dimensions of its "New Silk Roads", China has advanced its pawns quickly and effectively over the past two decades and the concrete achievements of these strategies are now visible throughout the Indo-Pacific arc.

These include the construction of new ports, infrastructure and industrial parks, the acquisition of rights to existing ports, the opening of Burmese and Pakistani corridors, the creation of a permanent base in Djibouti, to the polderization and then the militarization of reefs in the South China Sea or even to the forced development of its war fleet. This flattering image is however misleading, between half-hearted successes, failures, slowdowns, not to mention the other local, regional and global powers which are beginning to deploy their own strategies to counter Beijing's views.

Organized as part of the doctoral activities of the Catholic Institute of Paris, this study day entirely devoted to the denial of access and the Indo-Pacific
will be an opportunity to recall the definition of these two notions and to decipher the geopolitical situation in the Indo-Pacific in 2022. Over the three geographical panels
planned (Asia-Pacific, South-East Asia and Indian Ocean), twelve experts from various backgrounds – teacher-researchers, military, diplomats, professionals and doctoral students – will address a wide variety of subjects so as to offer the most comprehensive panorama wide range of these questions.

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