Russia has tested its 3M22 Tzirkon hypersonic anti-ship missile at its maximum range of 1000 km

Hypersonic weapons, and more particularly the Russian hypersonic armies, have fueled numerous debates for several years, whether it concerns the vulnerability of large naval units as systems capable or not of opposing such missiles evolving beyond of Mach 5. Since the announcement of the entry into service of the Kinzhal airborne ballistic missile in 2019, Moscow has exploited this concern, which is very perceptible in the West, often relayed by the media lacking perspective on the subject. However, the Russian Navy has just lifted one of the doubts that have been hovering for several months regarding the announced performance of its hypersonic anti-ship missile 3M22 Tzirkon, by announcing…

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Terminator, TOS-2 and Su-57, Russia deploys its new weapon systems in Ukraine

During the first two phases of the offensive against Ukraine, the Russian armed forces mainly relied on their most seasoned and best equipped units apart from a few elite units kept in reserve. This is the reason why, during the first weeks of the conflict, the documented Russian material losses were mainly composed of modernized armored vehicles such as the heavy tanks T-72B3 and B3M, T-80U and BVM, and some T-90A, as well as many BMP-2s, BMP-4s and other BMDs. The numerous losses recorded by the Russian armies during these two aborted phases led the General Staff to change strategy and revise its objectives, but also...

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